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Which Plantation Shutter is Right for You?

Plantation shutters are a stylish and efficient choice for any home. Bold and simplistic with clean lines and traditional flare, these shutters are versatile enough to blend with any home décor. Before you purchase your plantation shutters, it is important to consider all the options available to ensure that you choose the best window treatment for your home. Plantation shutters are available in three different materials, all of which offer different pros and cons. Calico corners, your Hunter Douglas dealer in Sarasota and Naples, Florida, can help you pick exactly which plantation shutter is right for you.


Plantation shutters like Hunter Douglas’ Heritance® hardwood shutters are a great choice for adding elegance to any room indoors. Hardwood shutters are crafted from genuine hardwoods. They feature visible grain work and beautiful stain options to contribute to a traditional feel. Heritance hardwood shutters use Truemill® dovetail construction, one of the most durable forms of joinery available, for shutters that will function well through regular wear and tear. Heritance® hardwood shutters come in many stain choices or can be painted any color that meets your style needs, and are then finished with Integra™ finish for longevity. While hardwood shutters are a great option, they do require a little more care than other types of shutters. Avoid installing hardwood shutters in rooms that have high humidity and high temperatures or prolonged sunlight. When cleaning these shutters, it is also necessary to use mild cleaning products that will not damage the finishes and stains.


The second type of plantation shutter is the Hunter Douglas’ NewStyle™ shutter. Hybrid shutters are more durable than genuine hardwood shutters and can be used in a wider amount of rooms in your home. Hybrid shutters are made with a mixture of synthetic materials and genuine hardwood for a durable window treatment that looks like a genuine hardwood shutter. Hybrid shutters feature grain-like finishes for natural beauty on your windows that mimic the appearance of traditional hardwood. But unlike traditional hardwood, the hybrid materials used in NewStyle™ shutters cannot be repainted once an original paint or stain color is selected. Fortunately, hybrid shutters are available in a beautiful range of colors and stains so you can choose a color that you will love in your home. NewStyle™ shutters are finished with a low-shine, FineTech® finish for more durability and easy cleaning. NewStyle™ shutters can be cleaned with traditional cleaning products and used in any room of the home without concerns for damage.


Polysatin shutters like Hunter Douglas’ Palm Beach™ shutters are the most durable shutter available and are great for both indoor and outdoor use. Polysatin shutters are not affected by temperature and humidity levels because they are crafted from UV resistant, polysatin compounds, making for an incredibly durable window treatment. Palm Beach™ shutters will never crack, chip, fade, peel, or lose their color regardless of the conditions in or outside your home. Hybrid shutters come in a limited range of natural colors and are comparable to the look of a traditional painted shutter. Finished with Duralux™ finish for an extra boost of strength, you will never have to repaint, stain, or sand your shutters for as long as you choose to keep them.

If you are living in Naples or Sarasota, Florida and you’re ready to add the perfect plantation shutter to your home, contact the experts at Calico Corners today! We can answer any questions you may have about which shutter is right for you and help you start the process of revamping your window treatments in your home!