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Types of Custom Curtains

Curtains can make a bold fashion statement in a room or subtly complement existing decor. With so many options when it comes to curtains, choosing the right ones can be a daunting task. Below are some basic custom curtain options and some suggested guidelines for when to use them.


Sheer curtains offer a little bit of privacy and light filtering but are mostly for decorative use. They allow you to see out and can obstruct the view from the outside in to a certain degree. Sheers usually pair well with a heavier curtain.

Cafe Curtains

Cafe curtains are usually found in the kitchen. They are relatively informal and can be configured to block the view from the bottom, offering privacy while allowing the top to remain open allowing light to stream in, giving the best of both worlds in a room that is usually somewhat void of natural light.


Sash curtains are designed to filter light, and they are gathered with a sash on each side. They’re usually unlined and give a room a distinctive and unique look.


A great option for an interior space that lacks architectural detail or one that you’re looking to make a bit more dramatic with a lot of detail. If that is the case, the smocked style might be what you’re looking for. This is a blouse-like, feminine curtain style created by fastening pleats onto an elaborate lattice pattern.

Tab Top

Tab top curtains are a less formal option. They are created with loops of matching or contrasting fabric, stitched onto the top edge of the treatment. These work on almost all types and weights of fabric. This style is intended for use with a curtain rod. Only choose this type of curtain if you don’t plan to open and close them frequently.


Gathered curtains offer the ability to open and close them whenever privacy or light is needed. There are many design options for gathered curtains, such as length and pleat styles.

A Few Pleat Styles and Options:

Box Pleats

These give a tailored look and can drape into deep folds down the full length of the curtain. The fabric is folded into pleats on the front and on the back. After being sewn, the top treatment creates flat, boxy folds.

Pinch Pleats

Pinch pleats are always in style. Pinch Pleats involve fabric being gathered into three small folds and then pinched together to create one pleat. The closer you place the pleats, the fuller the curtain looks.

Pencil Pleat

Pencil pleat curtains are easily recognizable by the way the material is scrunched together at the top of the curtain and then neatly attached to a track. Although informal, this style complements most styles of decor.

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