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Options for Decorating with Blinds

Calico Corners, the best choice for custom blinds in Sarasota and Naples, Florida, wants to show you all the design possibilities that blinds offer your windows.

Horizontal vs Vertical

Vertical blinds provide a dash of modern flair to any room. They are best suited to wide and tall windows, and are also the best choice for sliding glass doors. Because vertical blinds operate from only the top, allowing for easy movement and adjustments, you never need to worry about damaging the vertical panels if you push them to the side to exit. Vertical blinds are excellent for light redirection but are opaque enough for light control and even have blackout lighting potential. Vertical blinds are available in a wide range of colors, materials, and patterns, making them an easy fit with preexisting décor.

Horizontal blinds are the most commonly used window treatment for a reason. Horizontal blinds can be utilized in any room of your home and work on almost any type of window. Horizontal blinds are especially great for rooms that face the north or south because the slats can be angled perfectly for light redirection and diffusion. Horizontal blinds come in a wide range of styles, materials, colors, and finishes, and they also have a wide range of opacity options.


Vinyl blinds are easy to maintain and offer the best value. This incredibly durable material is available in primarily vertical blind styles. Vinyl blinds will not rust, warp, or be affected by moisture, which makes them perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Vinyl blinds come in a large selection of colors and patterns to suit all your needs.

Hardwood blinds add timeless beauty to any décor. Because of their weight, hardwood blinds are only available in horizontal styles. Wooden blinds have excellent light control and insulation abilities without the need for additional light-blocking layers, but are not ideal for rooms that have high humidity.

Faux wood blinds are your best bet if you like the look of hardwood blinds but want the added durability of aluminum. These blinds have a realistic grain pattern, making them appear very much like a traditional wooden blind, and are available in a wide range of stains and paint colors.

Aluminum blinds are a sleek and classic choice for your windows that offer tons of style choices. Available in four different styles, aluminum blinds have the most color and sizing options.

Fabric blinds have a distinctly modern look and are only available in vertical styles. Vertical blinds offer excellent light diffusion and come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and texture choices. For an even greater light control ability, fabric blinds can be customized with additional layers of fabric for the perfect opacity level.

Slat Sizes

Vertical blinds have two different size ranges. The gliding window panel styles (Skyline®) range from 11½” to 17” for their slats, while the Cadence®, Somner®, and Vertical Solutions® are only available in a 3½” slat. Horizontal blinds have a larger range of slat sizes. Ranging anywhere from 1/2’ to 3”, depending on the style that you choose, horizontal blinds give you more options and unique features like MagnaView®, which doubles the slats when they are adjusted making for an even greater viewing area for your window treatments.

If you have more questions about the wide range of options that are available with Hunter Douglas’ horizontal and vertical blinds in Naples and Sarasota, Florida, contact the experts at Calico Corners today to learn more about these custom treatments.