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Design Ideas for Plantation Shutters

Hunter Douglas plantation shutters are an easy way to add style and timeless beauty to your home. Plantation shutters make a bold style statement in any room and mix well with a wide range of decors. Many people do not realize that plantation shutters can be designed in a multitude of ways to bring out the best style aspects in your home. Rather your style be dramatic and eye catching or simplistic and subtle, whatever type of window treatments your room needs to complete your décor plantations shutters can be designed to fit perfectly. Let Calico Corners, offering Hunter Douglas plantation shutters in Sarasota and Naples, Florida, show you design ideas for plantation shutters in your home that will make your shutters memorable.

Shutter Styles

The style of plantation shutter that you choose is an important design element within your room. Many people may not even be aware that there are other plantation shutter styles beyond the classic stationary position, but this is not the case. In lieu of a stationary shutter, consider the café style shutter for a unique look on your windows. Café style shutters position your shutters half way down your window, leaving the top open for maximum light. This style is excellent for kitchens and bathrooms because it adds optimum light but still provides privacy. Tier on tier plantation shutters cover your whole window but have independent panels on top and bottom for light adjustment. These panels can be stationary or hinged and operate independently from one another.

Operation System

In addition to the style of plantation shutter that you choose, the operation system for your plantation shutters will add style to your home. Plantation shutters can operate in many ways, and each system will change how your shutters look when they are in use. For example, hinged panels allow you to open your plantation shutters wide for an unobscured view out of your window, but the shutter will remain visible as it sits against your wall which will add a unique accent to your room. The Bi-fold Track system can connect six panels of shutters to a top track allowing you to push the shutters out of the way until they are only slightly visible on the sides of your windows. The Bypass Track system allows you to slide your plantation shutters on top of one another as you move them, which leaves them stacked and allows you to position them where you want, for both style and function. Lastly, the stationary operation system is an eye-catching design choice for your windows that does not allow you to move the entire shutter. With the use of an adjustable wand, you can control the light that enters your room very easily.

If you have more questions about design ideas for plantation shutters in your home, contact Calico Corners today! Let our team of experienced professionals help you pick the perfect options for your plantation shutters to add unforgettable style in your home.