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Choosing the Right Fabric for Custom Curtains

The possibilities are endless when thinking about custom curtains. There isn’t a rule about what fabrics can and can’t be used in curtains and window treatments. It really depends on the mood of the room and the style you’re looking for. Picking the right fabric isn’t hard as long as you follow a few simple guidelines. Here are a few ideas from the experts at Calico Corners to help.


Consider the room. Take into account the natural light, the size, and overall mood of the room. Is it a formal room or more casual? For a more formal room, choose a heavy silk or velvet.

For a more casual room, consider a crushed velvet texture or a light linen. Wool blends work with most home décor and are fashionable in any season. Cotton and cotton blends provide year-round versatility and can be used to complement almost any décor, as well.


Custom window treatments are an investment in your home. You want them to last. Think about how much direct sun exposure they’ll get when choosing the material they’ll be made of. While all fabrics are susceptible to sun damage, delicate fabrics such as silk, are much more prone to sun damage than heavier, more durable fabrics like cotton, canvas, chintzes, and brocades.

Thread Count

Usually, fabrics used in draperies and curtains, known as decorator fabrics, have a higher thread count than fabrics used for other things like clothes-making, and tend to stand up to wear better than cheaper, lower thread count fabrics. Here is an important place to figure out the proper balance of budget and long-term quality.

Prints and Patterns

Patterns can be tricky. If you don’t have a dominant pattern in the room already, then a soft pattern on the curtains would work. If you already have a few patterns in the room, like patterned furniture, bedding, textured walls, or an elaborate rug, it’s better to go with solid curtains. A soft pattern works best in a sunny room, while heavier, dark patterns work best in a darker room.

In a neutral room, think about a subtle touch of style and try a small, neutral print, like dots or paisley, which look like texture from a distance.

A bold graphic print that relates to the existing decor in your room can be a scary move, but when these bold choices are blended into your home décor by a professional, they can look really spectacular and be worth the risk.

Choosing the right fabric for custom curtains can be fun and easy if you keep a few rules in mind. Remember to consider the type of room and the existing decor you’re working with. If you have any questions on custom draperies and curtains in the Naples and Sarasota, Florida areas, contact the professional designers at CalicoCorners®. CalicoCorners® offers Hunter Douglas window fashions as well as custom window treatments. With two convenient locations and a friendly staff, they’re looking forward to assisting you with your next custom project.