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Should I Choose Wood, Faux Wood, Aluminum, or Fabric Blinds

Choosing the perfect blinds for your home can be a difficult task. When choosing vertical and horizontal blinds, you are not only faced with a color selection, but also with the choice of what material works best for your home and lifestyle. Horizontal and vertical blinds are available in wood, faux wood, aluminum, and fabric materials, all of which have different components that need to be considered before making your selection. Let Calico Corners, providing custom blinds in both Naples and Sarasota Florida, help you choose the best material for your blinds for a window treatment that meets all of your needs.

Wood Blinds

The first type of blinds available from Hunter Douglas are genuine hardwood blinds. Wood blinds such as the Parkland® Scenic, Parkland® Classics™, Parkland® Textures, and Parkland® Weathered styles, available in both vertical and horizontal orientation, are a great way to add classic elegance to your home. Wood blinds come in a wide range of stains, paint choices, and slat sizes which give you tons of design options for your windows. Wood blinds are entirely opaque because of the genuine hardwood they are crafted from, thus offer excellent light control and insulation for your entire home. While wood blinds are incredibly sturdy, treated with durable finishes and utilizing high-quality hardware, they are prone to damage if they are used in high humidity areas of the home where moisture or heat is a concern. If you are planning to use these blinds in your bathroom or kitchen or you have young children or large pets, choose a different material for your blinds so you guarantee the longevity of your window treatments.

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are an affordable and versatile window treatment option. Faux wood blinds like Hunter Douglas’ EverWood® TruGrain®, EverWood® Distinctions™, and the EverWood® Renditions™ styles are made from sturdy, synthetic materials that will do well in all rooms of your home and are available in horizontal and vertical orientations. Unlike wood blinds, faux wood blinds are moisture resistant, easy to clean, and will never be affected by the temperature and humidity conditions in your home. With their Performance Plus™ Protection, these blinds are specifically covered against yellowing, warping, fading, and bowing. Faux wood blinds are available in many colors, slat sizes, wood-grain patterns, and stains so you can choose the perfect style for your décor. In addition to the style options, faux wood blinds give you excellent light control for a functional and stylish window treatment.

Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum blinds will allow you to express your style on your window treatments. Aluminum blinds like Hunter Douglas’ Reveal®, Natural Elements™, Lightlines®, and Décor® styles of blinds give you tons of color choices, available in horizontal and vertical orientations, and provide you with durable functionality. Aluminum blinds are great for your entire home because they will not be affected by temperature and humidity condition, will not warp or crack, and will never fade in harsh sunlight. In addition, these blinds are crafted with spring-tempered alloy that allows the slats to bounce back into shape when they are handled roughly. Ideal for homes with children and animals, aluminum blinds are simple to clean, easy to maintain, and will provide you with excellent light control for many years to come.

Fabric Blinds

Lastly, Hunter Douglas also offers fabric, vertical blinds. Vertical blinds, like Hunter Douglas’ Skyline®, The Alustra® Collection of Skyline®, Cadence®, Somner®, and Vertical Solutions®, are ideal for large rooms with wide window expanses and sliding glass doors. Fabric blinds give you a wide selection of colors and interesting textures to use on your windows for a unique and functional window treatment. Fabric blinds provide you with excellent light diffusion and can even help with noise reduction in your home.

If you have more questions about which type of blind is perfect for your home, contact Calico Corners today!