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Should I Choose Horizontal Blinds, Vertical Blinds, or Both?

Both vertical and horizontal blinds are an excellent choice if you are thinking about updating your window treatments. Hunter Douglas blinds are easy to maneuver, provide excellent light filtration and control, are available in five different materials, and come in a huge range of styles, colors, and stains. Because blinds present you with so many options, it is important to decide rather vertical or horizontal blinds are best suited to your home so you can then focus on other customizations from there. Calico Corners, your best choice for custom blinds in both Naples and Sarasota Florida, can help you decide rather vertical, horizontal, or possibly both blinds are best for your home.

Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds will work well with any traditionally shaped window and with any style of décor. Horizontal blinds work the best with north and south facing windows because the slats with block and redirect sunlight better from those positions. Because the materials used for horizontal blinds are all opaque they will not provide you with great light diffusion for your home. But what horizontal blinds lack in light diffusion, they make up for in room darkening light redirection. With horizontal blinds you can simply adjust the slats and angle the sunlight to your ceiling for more light in the room or to the floor for less light. Or if you need your room dark, close the slats entirely. Horizontal blinds are available in aluminum, wood, faux wood, and vinyl materials. Each of these different materials will give you numerous color, stain, and finish options depending on what style you choose. Additionally, horizontal blinds can be paired with a number of operation systems, all of which will operate smoothly and never leave you dissatisfied.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are best for large expanses of windows, tall windows, and especially sliding glass doors. Vertical blinds operate from one point of connection at the very top of the blinds, because of this, they are a great choice for sliding glass doors because they allow for lots of movement in the slats so you can enter and exit your home. Vertical blinds will make your room appear larger because they will naturally draw the eye up with their long lines. These blinds are available in vinyl, fabric, sheer, and wood materials, which gives you a huge selection of design and lighting possibilities. Colors, textures, finishes, and stains can all be customized to meet your aesthetic needs in your home. Vertical blinds will make a statement in your home but will also provide you with excellent light diffusion and easy function with the numerous different operation systems that are available.

At Calico Corners, we know how important it is to pick the right window treatment for your home. If you are still unsure about what will fit with your needs or if mixing horizontal and vertical blinds will really work in your home, contact our team of experienced professionals with any questions you might have. Along with finding answers to your question, you can also set up an in-home or in-store interior design consultation so we can help create the look that is exactly what you imagined in your home.