Benefits of Custom Curtains & Draperies

Windows are a natural focal point in a room due to their size, location, and view of the outdoors. So incorporating your style at your windows is very important, and there is no better way to do that than with draperies or curtains. Using custom window treatments offer many benefits that pre-made ones do not.

1) With Custom Draperies, You Get Exactly What You Want

There are hundreds of thousands of draperies and curtains available in stores and online, but even with this enormous inventory, it can still be difficult to find exactly what you want. You may find the color you want, but the weight of the fabric is wrong. Or the fabric may be right, but the style isn’t exactly what you’re looking for.

By designing custom drapery with the help of an expert at Calico Corners, you can select the fabric type, color and the style you want from hundreds of different fabrics in our collection. And because your window fashions are custom, they will be completely unique. They can also be designed to complement existing window treatments, such as honeycomb shades or horizontal blinds.

Many more options are available when you go custom. If you like a light fabric but need to darken your room during the day, a lining can be added. A wide variety of trims and tiebacks can further personalize your draperies.

2) Custom Curtains Provide a Perfect Fit

Don’t settle for off-the-shelf curtains with a height or width that’s “close enough.” Our professionals will precisely measure your windows to get the exact dimensions before a single piece of fabric is cut. Even if you have an older home with windows that aren’t exactly square or a contemporary home with unusually shaped windows, your custom draperies will be the perfect fit.

3) The Quality of Custom Drapery

People often worry about the cost of custom window treatments. And yes, they can be more expensive, but here’s why. At Calico Corners, we have worked with top-notch fabric mills for over 60 years to provide the highest-quality fabrics to our customers. This quality ensures that your curtains and drapes, if well cared for, will last for years.

Also, instead of being manufactured in mass quantities by machine, custom window treatments are made individually by people who care about the finished product. No loose threads, uneven hems, or mismatched patterns at the seams appear on custom drapery from our shop.

4) Professional Installation

Unless you are particularly handy or enjoy home improvement projects, you probably don’t relish the thought of hanging window treatments in your home. When you order custom curtains or draperies, you don’t have to. Your window coverings will be professionally installed at the proper height and with the correct hardware.

If you like the thought of having custom drapery in your Southwest Florida home, come explore your options at our showrooms in Naples or Sarasota, or schedule a time for an in-home consultation with one of our experts.