Reupholstering vs Slipcover

So, you’ve decided your couch, chair, or ottoman is looking a little worn down. Maybe the fabric colors have faded, or your beloved pet has caused some tears in the upholstery. You already know that Calico Naples and Calico Sarasota can bring new life to your piece, but now you must decide if reupholstering or a slipcover is the best option. Let’s take a look at the differences between each option to help decide which is best for you!


When a piece is reupholstered, the old fabric is totally removed. By completely replacing the fabric, you end up with a perfectly tailored look—it’s as if the piece had always been “dressed” in the new fabric. Compared to slipcovers, upholstery typically requires less fabric, which could affect your final cost. One important thing to consider is that your piece of furniture must go to our local workroom, so you can expect to be without your piece of furniture for two to three weeks.  


Slipcover labor costs are usually less than upholstery, but typically require more fabric, so depending on the per yard cost of your fabric, the overall project price may not vary all that much. A big benefit to slipcovers is that you will never be without your piece of furniture! Once you select and order your fabric for the project, our local seamstress comes to your home and cuts, pins, and takes any required measurements right in your home. Once assembled, our seamstress will install your beautiful new slipcover on your furniture. Another aspect of slipcovers that may be appealing is their ability to be dry cleaned. While regular upholstery can be spot cleaned, you can completely remove your slipcover and have it cleaned. We always recommend dry cleaning to avoid any potential shrinking of fabric. 

Did this comparison help you decide? Regardless of which choice you make, the first step is always to come visit us at our Calico Naples or Calico Sarasota store where we can help you select the perfect fabric based on your budget, lifestyle, and décor!