Crypton Fabric - So You Can Live In Your Living Room

Formal living rooms are less common these days. No longer picture-perfect rooms void of people, today’s homes boast “great rooms” and open concept designs to encourage gathering, playing, and living. But with living comes wear, spills, and smells—EEK! At Calico Naples and Sarasota, we want you to maintain that picture-perfect appearance while still being able to enjoy your space and make memories without restraint, and that’s why we want to remind you of Crypton Home Fabrics.

Crypton Home Fabrics is an interior upholstery collection that keeps your furniture fresh and stain free. Once only available for commercial applications, it is now available in warm and inviting colors and patterns for everyday home use. Crypton Home Fabric’s proven performance technology provides stain and odor resistance built into every fiber—this ensures the protection will never fade away! You no longer have to fear a juice or wine spill, as liquids bead up for easy clean up. You can even remove a stray crayon mark with ease. Check out the video below:

Stop by our Calico Naples or Sarasota store to browse our Crypton Home Fabrics collection.  Our expert staff will help you find the perfect fabric to compliment your home’s style, so you can live freely in your beautifully designed space.